ISTEcs, or ISTE Cyber Scholars, is a professional learning opportunity for educators in the Coachella Valley Unified School District. It is designed around the 7 ISTE Standards for Educators (2017) and packed with learning resources and tasks to help teachers develop as professionals using technology in innovative ways. The 7 ISTE Standards for Teachers are:

  1. Learner: Educators continually improve their practice by learning from and with others and exploring proven and promising practices that leverage technology to improve student learning.
  2. Leader: Educators seek out opportunities for leadership to support student empowerment and success and to improve teaching and learning.
  3. Citizen: Educators inspire students to positively contribute to and responsibly participate in the digital world.
  4. Collaborator: Educators dedicate time to collaborate with both colleagues and students to improve practice, discover and share resources and ideas, and solve problems.
  5. Designer: Educators design authentic, learner-driven activities and environments that recognize and accommodate learner variability.
  6. Facilitator: Educators facilitate learning with technology to support student achievement of the ISTE Standards for Students.
  7. Analyst: Educators understand and use data to drive their instruction and support students in achieving their learning goals.

There are 7 learning modules on this site, one for each of the ISTE Standards. The requirements for completing each module are listed below. To become ISTEcs certified, a teacher must complete all 7 of the modules available on this site.

Each module requires the following activities (~ 5 hours per module):

  • Learning Material: View the learning materials on the course website (~ 1 hour)
  • Group Discussion: Participate in the group discussions in the course Google Classroom (~ 1 hour)
  • T3 Support: Schedule support time with your T3 (~ 2 hour)
    • This time is designed to provide face-to-face interaction and support for any part of the Learning Task process. You can schedule your time at
  • Learning Task: Design, implement, and reflect upon your learning task (~ 1 hour)

ISTEcs is a 7-module, self paced course, based on the ISTE Standards for Educators. This course is filled with innovative pedagogical strategies and powerful technology resources. The iCenter team has partnered up with Fresno Pacific University to offer university credit for completing this course.

For the 1-unit option, the participant may choose any three modules to complete; for the 2-unit option, the participant must complete all seven modules. With both options, the participant has the freedom to complete the modules in any order and at their own pace between August 2017 and June 2018.

All learning resources are available at any time on the course website, and all discussions and assignments are submitted on the course Google Classroom page.